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Entry to the wine world

Entry to the wine world

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Our wine subscriptions dive deep into the world of wine and futures collectable wines as well as unique and rare findings which attract premium pricing.

With this subscription you will discover 3 classic varietal examples from iconic wine regions around the world, along with educational notes on each grape variety, region and style of the wine.

The best part is that every month the wines will be different! But if there is a specific wine you love you can contact us and we will make sure you will receive that specific bottle of wine every month.

The wine selection will be curated by our sommeliers who work hard to source these incredible wines. The package will include tasting notes for the wines as well as food pairing options.

It is like having your own personal Sommelier!

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Most of the hard work it takes to produce quality wine happens in the vinyard. The soil, the climatic conditions, the aspect, the bodies of water and many more factors, collectively knwon as "terroir" can influence the flavour of wine and give wine distint minerality, depth and character.