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2021 Terres Dorees Beaujolais Village

2021 Terres Dorees Beaujolais Village

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Jean Paul Brun is considered the godfather of Beaujolais and is the founder of Terres Dorees.

This cuvee is aged in concrete tanks and is all about expressing the youthful primary fruit of the Gamay grape. It is produced using wild yeast so maintains its individuality, unlike so many mass produced Beaujolais, which taste mostly of bananas and bubble-gum. Incredible raspberry, strawberry and cherry fruits on the nose that follow through on the palate. It has great charm and is Beaujolais at its best.

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Most of the hard work it takes to produce quality wine happens in the vinyard. The soil, the climatic conditions, the aspect, the bodies of water and many more factors, collectively knwon as "terroir" can influence the flavour of wine and give wine distint minerality, depth and character.