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2020 Domaine Mosnier - Chablis Premier Cru “Beauroy”

2020 Domaine Mosnier - Chablis Premier Cru “Beauroy”

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This characteristic minerality of our Chablis wines comes from Chardonnay which draws its strength and delicate freshness from the Kimmeridgian soil that appeared 70 million years ago, when the sea receded. It left us this unparalleled nature of soil: an alternating layer of limestone and clay with fossilized marine organisms which gives the wine its unique mineral character.

It is this “minerality” that characterises top tier Chablis which is perfectly showcased in this 2020 Domaine Mosnier from the classified Premier Cru vineyard called Beauroy.

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Most of the hard work it takes to produce quality wine happens in the vinyard. The soil, the climatic conditions, the aspect, the bodies of water and many more factors, collectively knwon as "terroir" can influence the flavour of wine and give wine distint minerality, depth and character.